Rethink the receipt

Receipts and loyalty in one platform - respecting data privacy. ReceiptHero is on a mission to transform 700 billion transactions into meaningful interactions.

ReceiptHero is here to rewrite the rules of the data economy and support the shift to more sustainable and mindful consumption. It takes a new kind of heroism from both – consumers and businesses.

Above all it asks for bold solutions and powerful technological capabilities. We provide a safe space for consumers, merchants and banks to turn traditional transactions into meaningful interactions.

Will you join us as we rethink the receipt?

This is what we offer

For Merchants

New and cost-efficient way to engage with your customers. No more need to create your own private label loyalty app.

For Consumers

Holistic data on your consumption and loyalty management & benefits in one platform, with clear consumer-driven data privacy. No more annoying paper and email receipts, nor countless loyalty cards and apps.

For Partners

Digital receipts are an essential part of the future of the Point of Sale and ERP ecosystem. With ReceiptHero you can deliver new and future-proof features to your customers.


December 3, 2020

ReceiptHero raises €2M from top Nordic investors

Today, we are thrilled to announce the next big chapter on our journey: a seed funding round of €2M led by some of the Nordic’s top early-stage investors, Lifeline Ventures, Superhero Capital & Vidici Ventures.

We’ve Got News: Announcing Our Seed Round

July 2, 2021

ReceiptHero becomes PCI DSS Level 1 compliant.

The PCI-DSS is one of the most stringent and comprehensive global industry standards for payment security. As a level 1 certified company, we can now provide our customers with a higher level of assurance that reflects the strength of our cyber security validated against global standards.

We're PCI DSS compliant

September 16, 2021

ReceiptHero partners with Mastercard & Visa.

The collaboration allows ReceiptHero to scale their operations across Europe and subsequently provide more merchants the opportunity to send their receipts to private and business customers digitally.

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