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“Only together we all succeed” - Afterwork Event in Zurich

The ReceiptHero motto at the afterwork event in northern Zurich’s Oerlikon on Thursday 17.03. translates to “only together we all succeed”. In order to build trust and introduce the various parties to another, ReceiptHero invited in collaboration with the payment service partner Worldline to a physical-only event in the NOERD business complex and in its eatery the Noerd Kantine.

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The Center of Lucerne Turns Digital

Since March 2013, Lucerne Tourism has been working with the Arcavis cash register system (6 checkout locations). And since last month available now: ReceiptHero. Customers now benefit from the ability to get sustainable digital receipts quickly and easily.

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ReceiptHero, Merchants and GDPR

We could not build a transparent and scalable platform for digital receipts if we did not safeguard how data is used. It is a fundamental requirement for our merchants, customers, banks and other partners to all understand what can and cannot be done with the data that flows through our platform.

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