In today's competitive market, it's crucial for merchants to retain their customers and understand their purchase behaviour. One way to achieve this is by implementing a card-linked loyalty program, which provides a seamless and convenient way for customers to earn rewards while shopping. In addition, incorporating digital receipt data can further enhance the benefits of such programs by increasing identification rates and better understanding customer purchase behaviour.

Card-linked loyalty programs work by linking a customer's credit or debit card to a loyalty program account. When the customer uses their card to make a purchase at a participating merchant, they automatically earn loyalty rewards or cashback. This eliminates the need for physical loyalty cards or coupons, which can be easily lost or forgotten. With a card-linked program, customers can track their rewards and redemption options through a mobile app or online portal.

One of the major benefits of card-linked loyalty programs is the increased customer engagement and retention. With rewards automatically added to their account, customers are more likely to return to the participating merchants to earn more rewards. This builds a stronger relationship between the customer and the merchant, increasing customer loyalty and reducing churn. Receipt data can flow directly into customer data platforms (CDP) or customer relationship management (CRM) software.

Another advantage of card-linked programs is the ability to collect valuable data about customer purchasing behaviour. By analyzing purchase data, merchants can identify which products are popular, which ones are not selling, and when customers are most likely to shop. This information can help merchants optimize their marketing strategies and improve their offerings, ultimately increasing revenue and customer satisfaction.

However, to fully realize the benefits of a card-linked loyalty program, it's essential to ensure that customers are properly identified and credited for their purchases. This is where digital receipt data comes into play. By incorporating digital receipts into the loyalty program platform, merchants can automatically track customer purchases and ensure that rewards are properly credited. This reduces the likelihood of errors and eliminates the need for manual intervention.

Digital receipts provide a wealth of data that can be used to better understand customer purchase behaviour. Merchants can analyze this data to identify purchasing patterns, such as the frequency of visits, purchase size, and preferred products. With this information, merchants can tailor their offerings and marketing strategies to better meet customer needs and preferences.

In summary card-linked loyalty programs offer a convenient and effective way to increase customer engagement and retention while collecting valuable data about customer purchase behaviour. By incorporating digital receipt data, merchants can improve identification rates, reduce errors, and gain deeper insights into their customers' preferences. As such, card-linked loyalty programs and digital receipt data can be powerful tools for businesses looking to increase revenue and customer satisfaction.

Ditch the physical loyalty card

ReceiptHero offers a technical solution within the retailers applications, enabling a better way to drive digital receipts back into their app as well as link the payment card to a loyalty ID number.

For those retailers not having an application, ReceiptHero offers a cost efficient universal iOS and Android app where retailers can enable card linked receipts and rewards for their customers.

When it comes to cardholder data, ReceiptHero is a secure partner with PCI DSS Level certification. We already receive large amounts of cardholder data and follow strict payment regulations to keep it safe. As a retailer you will not need to store this data within your solution, all card data with ReceiptHero. Our platform works with both Mastercard and Visa at a card network level but also with European payment partners such as Verifone, Worldline & Ingenico.

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