Tunturiviihde Oy may be an unknown name to many Finns, but in reality, the company includes popular Bar Ihku entertainment restaurants and Pub Old Mates British pubs. The restaurants attract customers in five different cities: Helsinki, Tampere, Oulu, Ruka, and Levi. "In our case, we can talk about both an established reputation and customer base - who wouldn't expect after-ski parties at Ihku during a trip to Levi?", reminds Ihku's Business Director Sari-Anna Leppänen. For this reason, both Bar Ihku and Pub Old Mates restaurants want to invest in loyalty programs; customer identification and reward. "Customers are, of course, the central part of our business. However, the restaurant industry faces many challenges in developing customer relationships. When we heard about ReceiptHero and the technology that allows customers to identify with their payment card, we got super excited. We want to differentiate ourselves with the customer experience and be a leader in our industry. We believe that ReceiptHero's loyalty services enable this," Leppänen says.

For example, the restaurant industry is decades behind e-commerce regarding personal service and personalized communication. This is mainly due to the low level of customer identification. "In our experience, registering as a loyalty member with a QR code or a phone is challenging. Customers do not usually take out their phone to collect benefits and points in a nightclub's hectic environment. Identification takes too much time at the checkout. ReceiptHero's ingenious solution, where the customer is identified with their payment card, solves these problems," Leppänen continues.

With ReceiptHero's service, restaurants' customers automatically receive benefits by registering in the application. The one-time setup takes only a few minutes, after which it's all just receiving pleasant surprises in the form of benefits and digital receipts. Goodbye to identification with every payment! Leppänen says she is excited about ReceiptHero's opportunities: "We became more interested in the service when we heard that ReceiptHero and Custobar are collaborating! With ReceiptHero, we can now automatically collect customer data in Custobar, and thus, we can also streamline our marketing." Tunturiviihde Oy will adopt the service in all seven of its restaurants in January 2023. Common development ideas have already emerged with ReceiptHero - for example, regarding tipping. "It would be pretty cool if tipping could be done with a digital receipt in the future," Leppänen suggests.

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