For many retailers, setting up a digital receipt solution has been a way to deliver better customer experience and to find a post purchase channel to connect with their customers. Sadly not all customers want to sign up to newsletters or loyalty programs in-store, this is also the same for digital receipts. Handing over your personal email during the checkout process may well not be as simple as it sounds. What happens if the email is mistyped or misheard? What if it's an embarrassing email address you set up when you were young and don’t want to say out loud? What if you are in a rush and this is just another sticky moment slowing down you leaving the store? Lots of factors play into an inconsistent onboarding process for a customer to get their digital receipt.

Fortunately ReceiptHero has a solution that allows a customer to subscribe to a retailer's offers and rewards by linking their payment card as a replacement for the email address at the checkout. This allows the customer to enroll one or many cards into the platform just once and then receive receipts, offers and rewards on an ongoing basis. The customer therefore won't need to pass over any personal information at the checkout each time they transact. For the retailer this significantly increases the acceptance rate of their loyalty solution giving more opportunities to engage with a larger base of customers.

ReceiptHero offers a card based identification solution to retailers looking to drive better experience at the checkout but also better targeting capabilities. Unlike the traditional email receipt platforms, the success rate for identifying a customer on each interaction they have can be well below 50%. This is especially true for larger retailers with multiple locations across the country. Is it 100% guaranteed that the customer will be asked the same question ‘would you like a digital receipt’ at each of the retailers location. They might get identified in their nearest store but what if they’re traveling and visiting the same retailers store 50km up the highway? With ReceiptHero’s solution it’s a one time enrollment and our technical capabilities allows the customer to use either their physical card or a digital wallet such as Apple or Google Pay.

But we already have an app, do we need another?

Some large retailers have developed their own applications where email receipts can be sent and offers can be presented. Typically this is still linked with the customer's email address. The email address used for the app signup must be the same email they share with the clerk at the checkout. ReceiptHero offers our technical solution within the retailers applications, enabling a better way to drive digital receipts back into their app.

For those retailers not having an application, ReceiptHero offers a cost efficient universal iOS and Android app where retailers can enable card linked receipts and rewards for their customers.

When it comes to cardholder data, ReceiptHero is a secure partner with PCI DSS Level certification. We already receive large amounts of cardholder data and follow script payment regulations to keep it safe. As a retailer you will not need to store this data within your solution, all card data with ReceiptHero. Our platform works with both Mastercard and Visa at a card network level but also with European payment partners such as Verifone, Worldline & Ingenico.

Connecting the dots to your customer data platform

With a higher acceptance rate for digital receipts, linked to a customer transaction, retailers can now drive better insights into the business whilst also using this actionable data to message customers with more relevant rewards. ReceiptHero works with an existing email receipt platform and to Customer Data Platforms (CDP). The payment card used within the store is also the card customers will use on a retailers website, hence this solution now bridges the gap between online and offline transactions. Enabling real-time, accurate and better customer experience to customers wherever they shop..

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