Receipts have become a crucial part of every transaction, providing proof of purchase, and are often needed for returns or expense reports. However, paper receipts can be easily lost or damaged, leading to the hassle of requesting a new one. That's where digital receipts come in. Digital receipts are becoming more popular as customers look for more convenient and eco-friendly ways to manage their purchases. ReceiptHero is a digital receipt solution that offers merchants three different ways to offer digital receipts to their customers. In this blog post, we'll explore each of these options and their benefits. Incorporating all these solutions into one offering to customers is a easy to fully transition away from paper receipts completely.

Card-Linked Receipts

The first way merchants can offer digital receipts through ReceiptHero is with card-linked receipts. This modern solution means that customers link their payment card to the ReceiptHero app or any of the partner apps integrated with the platform. Whenever they make a purchase with that card at a participating merchant, their receipt is automatically sent to the app. This is an easy and convenient way for customers to receive digital receipts without any extra steps at checkout. Additionally, this solution makes it easier for merchants to keep track of customer purchases and preferences. With card-linked receipts, merchants can analyze customer behavior, spending patterns, and tailor their services accordingly.

QR Code Receipts

For customers who prefer not to link their card or who use alternative payment methods, merchants can offer QR code receipts. This option involves placing a static or dynamic QR code at the checkout. Customers can then scan the code with their smartphone camera to receive a digital copy of their receipt. This is a great option for merchants who have a lot of non-registered customers or who want to offer an alternative to card-linked receipts. Additionally, QR code receipts are more secure than paper receipts since they cannot be easily duplicated, reducing the risk of fraudulent activity.

For more information on our QR code receipt service, visit our product page.

Fetch the Receipt

Finally, ReceiptHero offers a "fetch the receipt" solution for customers who might require a receipt later. This option involves creating a dedicated merchant landing page where customers can enter their card number, the amount spent, and the transaction date to retrieve their receipt. This is a good option for customers who didn't receive a digital receipt at checkout or who need a copy of a previous transaction. By providing a dedicated landing page, merchants can also include additional information, such as promotions, surveys, and loyalty programs, increasing customer engagement and satisfaction.

In summary, digital receipts are a great solution for merchants and customers alike. They reduce the risk of lost or damaged receipts, provide an eco-friendly alternative to paper receipts, and offer valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences. ReceiptHero offers merchants three different options to offer digital receipts to their customers: card-linked receipts, QR code receipts, and a "fetch the receipt" solution. By offering these options, merchants can provide a more convenient and streamlined checkout experience for their customers, while also improving their business operations.

So, choose ReceiptHero and start offering digital receipts today!

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