Baestyle Oy is a Finnish company established in 2018 that specializes in importing and selling Korean cosmetics. The company is better known for its Yeppo & Soonsoo brand and has a total of four stores and an online shop. Previously, the company used the same loyalty program in both its online and physical stores, but identifying customers in a busy retail environment proved to be time-consuming. The manager of the Yeppo & Soonsoo store in Jumbo shopping center, Laura Ikonen, shares her experience with ReceiptHero.

Why did you decide to switch to ReceiptHero?

Our previous loyalty program was not well-suited for a busy retail environment. Identifying customers and recording their information required a lot of manual work, which slowed down the checkout process. We wanted to find a new and modern solution as a replacement. We did not want our loyal customers to have to carry new cards, so ReceiptHero's solution based on the customer's bank or credit card was exactly what we were looking for. Customer identification happens automatically during the checkout process and does not require any action from our sales staff.

Have you received feedback from customers about the new loyalty program?

The new program has been well-received by customers, especially due to ReceiptHero's ease of use. Several customers have been positively surprised that they receive their receipt immediately on their phone, and if the purchase is part of the stamp card program, the stamp is automatically added after the transaction. Customers particularly appreciate not having to use their phones or perform any additional actions at the checkout like scanning the QR-codes.

How did the implementation of ReceiptHero go with your staff?

Before informing customers, store managers informed their teams about ReceiptHero and provided guidance on its implementation. Using ReceiptHero is completely free for consumers, so many of our staff downloaded the app and learned how to use it from our customers' perspective. Additionally, we have a group chat between our different stores where we have shared experiences and asked for tips when needed.

What kind of results have you achieved?

ReceiptHero has been in use in our stores for a few months. ReceiptHero provided us with both digital and physical marketing materials to support our marketing efforts. We have already gained over 1,000 registered loyalty customers, which we are extremely satisfied with, and we believe that customer growth will continue to be steady in the future.

We also plan to integrate ReceiptHero into our online store in the future and replace the old system that we are currently using there.

If you are a merchant looking to get up and running with digital receipts and better customer identification in store, reach out and let's see how ReceiptHero can support you.

Chris Moore

Director of International Business

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