Euronics is an international group of national retailers operating across the EMEA and CIS regions bringing innovative electrical products to consumers via an omni-channel approach. Being an electronics retailer by definition, using technology to improve the customer experience was not a strange idea for the Euronics Finland team.

“ReceiptHero allows us to support a better returns and refund process. Instead of a customer handing over a crumpled, faded receipt which our sales team has to deconstruct, we can now ask the customer whether they have a digital receipt, which we can quickly find the customers receipt number, the card that they used and to then issue a refund receipt showing that the items had been returned.” Vesa Björklund, Euronics Finland Managing Director

A customer receiving a digital receipt from a purchase at one of the 29 Euronics stores across Finland will be able to use it for full refund and product exchange, and can send feedback from their experience in-store.

Enabling the service for Euronics became a reality due to ReceiptHero’s long standing payment partner Verifone. The fully digitalised receipt platform ensures that retailers can send cash register and card terminal receipts to customers’ in real time and of course digitally. Once activated the sustainable, paper-saving and innovative service runs fully automated in a merchant’s Verifone payment ecosystem.

‘Staying ahead of market trends and consumer needs is an organization-wide focus at Verifone so we’ve been closely monitoring the growth of use cases and applications for digital receipts. We’ve been working with the ReceiptHero team for over 4 years now in addressing sustainability and CX goals and it’s great to see them partnering with a multitude of different retailers, building trust across different sectors to deliver a smooth post purchase experience for merchants and shoppers. ’. Martin Gutekunst, Managing Director of Verifone Finland & Sweden.

The ultimate benefit to Euronics customers is that the checkout experience does not change once the customer has created a ReceiptHero account and added their payment card. Typically, a basket value in electronics stores is higher than other retail segments and therefore keeping these receipts safe during warranty periods is something that customers generally want to do. What better way to do that in one simple application.

About Euronics

Euronics Group is the leading consumer electronics retail group in the EMEA and CIS regions, composed of multiple brands such as Euronics, Boulanger, Teknosa, Sharaf DG, Milar, El-salg, Foxtrot, Electro World to name a few across 37 countries. Comprising more than 8,500 outlets, the Group brings innovative electrical products to consumers via a universal omni-channel approach. Euronics Group has reported consistent year-on-year growth in turnover and revenue since it was founded in 1990, irrespective of periods of economic instability, demonstrating that the Group’s focus on service and innovative solutions is unparalleled in its market.

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About Verifone

Verifone is a FinTech leader providing valuable end-to-end payment and commerce solutions to the world’s best-known retail brands, major financial institutions, and directly to more than 600,000 merchants alike. The company’s global services platform is built on a four-decade history of innovation and uncompromised security and handles 10.4B+ online and in-store transactions annually, totaling more than $440B. Trusted and recognized by consumers for its growing footprint of 35 million devices in more than 150 countries, businesses choose Verifone for its global scale, local capabilities, omnichannel prowess and solution flexibility.

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