In 2021 R-kioski decided to transition from Verifone to Adyen payment terminals for their in-store payment needs. Given ReceiptHero has been working with R-kioski since 2020, they naturally wanted a smooth transition of the digital receipt service as they completed their Adyen rollout to all stores across the country.

R-kioski is a household name in Finland and used frequently by both business cardholders and consumers for convenience items up and down the country. ReceiptHero’s digital receipt service allows customers who want a digital receipt, to get in real-time and linked to the payment card used. These receipts are then viewed in different applications and services depending where the cardholder signs up for the service.

“About 60 million customers visit the R-kioski every year. This naturally generates a large number of receipts when customers buy take-away food, R-kioski’s numerous different services and everything in between.” Maria Sjöroos, R-kioski’s IT & HR Director.

The connectivity from Visa and Mastercard integrations meant that R-kioski customers didn’t see any downtime in the service, it also meant that ReceiptHero didn’t need to directly integrate into Adyen’s payment solution. This then allowed a quicker turnaround and the benefit for R-Kioski customers to now get digital receipts from the use of vertical cards in their Apple or Google Pay wallets.

‘It’s great to go live with ReceiptHero and provide our CLS product for them to match receipts for Mastercard cardholders. This is another step in the right direction for mass adoption of digital receipts. We’re grateful to R-kioski for innovating and for ReceiptHero to be in the market to deploy a service like this for merchants’”, says Pekka Laaksonen, Country Director Mastercard Finland.

R-kioski is the first Finnish merchant to offer digital receipts to customers using both physical payment cards and digital cards across all their stores. Customers using the ReceiptHero app or other partner applications will only need to add their physical card number, ReceiptHero will then map any virtual card transaction to be used in matching an R-kioski receipt. Whether the customer uses their Android or iPhone, a wearable or the plastic payment card, ReceiptHero will deliver a digital receipt.

“Implementing modern solutions and acting responsibly is part of R-kioski’s day-to-day operations, and the launch of the digital receipt service with ReceiptHero is a natural next step for us,” says Maria Sjöroos, R-kioski’s IT & HR Director

Part of offering a digital receipts service to customers is improving the checkout experience but another part is trying to reduce or totally eliminate the need for a paper receipt. With ReceiptHero’s technical capabilities, retailers similar to R-kioski can finally turn off the paper printers and still have a means to get customers a receipt who need one. Driving better sustainable alternatives but also driving down operational costs when it comes to maintenance of paper printers across each store.

About ReceiptHero

Receipts and loyalty in one platform - respecting data privacy. ReceiptHero is on a mission to transform 700 billion transactions into meaningful interactions. Our platform caters for different needs and requirements as retailers shift to providing digital receipts and better customer experience.

About R-kioski

R-kioski is a franchise driven convenience store chain, which offers its customers food and beverages, as well as wanted everyday goods and services – quickly and conveniently whenever and wherever the customer wants them. R-kioski’s personal service and good value-&-quality-for-money exceed customer expectations. R-kioski – quick and convenient. R-kioski is a part of Reitan Convenience and Reitan, and has a nationwide coverage with approx. 450 stores and a brand recognition of 95%.

Reitan Convenience comprises R-kioski in Finland, Narvesen in Norway, Latvia and Lithuania, Pressbyrån in Sweden, 7-Eleven in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, R-kiosk in Estonia, Lietuvos Spauda in Lithuania, Caffeine -chain in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and Northland cafés in Norway. Reitan Convenience is the market leader in all seven countries. Reitan Convenience had a turnover of EUR 1,3 billion euros in 2021 and the number of stores was approx. 2 000. Reitan’s turnover in 2021 was EUR 10,5 billion euros with 42 000 employees.

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