Our integration with Visma M2

With our integration with Visma, corporate cardholders can receive real-time digital receipts in the Visma M2 platform. Therefore users do not need to photograph a paper receipt or send an e-mail from activated locations.

Digital receipts as the new normal

The Finnish government's goal is to fully comply with the requirements of digital receipts by 2025. As part of this goal, Visma, ReceiptHero and Nordea, together with the State Treasury, have activated ReceiptHero's digital receipt service for use in Visma's M2 application for the business cards of approximately 50,000 government employees.


‘Since working together on the State Treasury pilot, we’ve seen ReceiptHero grow their offering to expense management platforms but also seen more merchants join the platform, which has created a lot more value for our customers’.

Jani Vertanen, Product Manager at Visma

The benefits of Visma's digital receipts service

Speed ​​up processes

The time taken from making an invoice to approval process gets greatly reduced, when a large part of the data is automatically transferred to the systems.

Savings made

Because time is money, cost savings occur when processing receipts per cardholder, as well as by reducing the need for inspection.

The data flows

No second guessing, digital receipts arrive into the expense platform as structured data which is a prerequisite for automation going forward.

Some of our activated merchants, over 2000 locations across Finland

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