Our integration with Zevoy

Zevoy customers can enjoy the perks of smart digital receipts delivered in real-time, directly to the Zevoy app when shopping at ReceiptHero -enabled locations. No need for manual receipt capture - making company spending even more effortless.

Free yourself from paper receipts

Prior to the partnership, Zevoy users would be required to photograph a paper receipt. Now with ReceiptHero’s existing activated merchants, it’s now a seamless, invisible process that makes reconciling company expenses effortless. With the likes of R-Kioski, Neste, Puuilo and hundreds more merchants already on the platform, Zevoy users can benefit from receiving digital receipts in some of Finland's well known merchant locations.

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"The future of receipts lies in the digital realm, it is just a matter of time. Through our collaboration with Receipt Hero, we can add on an additional layer of automation to our end-users when not having to scan physical receipts every time. Digital receipts via our collaboration results in even better user experiences and efficiency which is in the core of our service."

Ron Lindqvist, co-founder, Zevoy

The benefits of Zevoy's digital receipt feature


The digital receipt is delivered to your Zevoy app and automatically paired with the right transaction.


We follow the highest payment and data standards. Your information in securely stored in our system.

Time saving

Everybody saves valuable time – cardholders and accountants. Gone are the days of scanning paper receipts.

Customers visiting activated locations get digital receipts

Some of our activated merchants

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