Recreate customer experience

We provide a new and efficient way for you to interact with your customers post-purchase - without expensive standalone loyalty programs.

Our three product plans cater for different needs and requirements as merchants shift to providing digital receipts and better customer experience

ReceiptHero: Digital receipt delivery

ReceiptHero offers you a new and cost-efficient way to send digital receipts to your customers There is no more need to create your own private label app.

With ReceiptHero your customers will be able to understand their consumption holistically and manage their receipts in real-time, while trusting their data privacy.

RewardHero: A customer engagement app with zero setup costs

RewardHero offers you a digital loyalty and rewards solution to retain and drive loyal customers. There is no need to create your own loyalty label app.

With RewardHero your customers will be able to interact with the latest offers and rewards.

LoyaltyHero: A Powerful Loyalty Program

LoyaltyHero Is a Solution for Larger Merchants Utilising an Existing Loyalty Program or Customer Data Platforms (CDP).

We offer our receipt API for merchants with their own existing app, as well as linking customers to in-store purchases via our token system.

So far we have a network of +3000 merchant locations

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We can help your business get rid of all those stamp cards made of card and paper receipts - meanwhile the customer experience is taken to a whole new level. You are not committed to anything by contacting us.

Corporate cardholders

Let’s help your business customers with smooth expense management

ReceiptHero integrates into the most commonly used expense platforms so your customers can ditch the manual work of expense handling. This saves critical time and costs which your customers would appreciate. They may even start to visit more often knowing that their receipt is handled automatically.

Merchants have full control over where their receipt data is surfaced

No aggregating or selling data to third parties

All ecosystem participants consent to data sharing