Recreate customer experience

ReceiptHero is on a mission to transform 700 billion transactions into meaningful interactions. We provide a new and efficient way for you to interact with your customers post-purchase - without expensive standalone loyalty programs.

Engage with your customers to build consumer-led loyalty

ReceiptHero offers you a new and cost-efficient way to engage with your customers. There is no more need to create your own private label loyalty app. Through ReceiptHero’s platform using SKU-level receipt data, it is possible for you to build a post-purchase customer experience and communicate with your customers seamlessly, without standalone apps or cards.

With ReceiptHero your customers will be able to understand their consumption holistically and manage their loyalty on one platform, while trusting their data privacy.

This is what you get with ReceiptHero

  • A completely new platform for communicating with customers.

  • Full visibility and clarity on what receipt data is used for.

  • Checkout process remains the same at the cashier, receipt delivery happens automatically in the background.

ReceiptHero is PCI DSS Compliance level 1 (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). We have a secured partnership with Visa and Mastercard and we collaborate with banks and other PCI DSS compliant vendors.

So far we have a network of +3000 merchant locations

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