As of today 02 Taksi customers can enjoy a painless expense process thanks to our new partnership and app integration. ReceiptHero is now activated within the 02 Taksi application and customers can have their receipts forwarded automatically to their travel expense software.

02 Taksi is a growing taxi comparison service with coverage across Finland, helping riders find reliable taxis nearby. The service boasts over 320,000 users with over 1 million riders annually.

‘‘We’re excited to have partnered with ReceiptHero, this is a really needed feature for our business customers. No more downloading phone screenshots of email receipts and forwarding that to the accounting platform. This is how it should be done!’’ Petteri Niemi, COO 02 Taksi

02 Taksi customers can activate the ReceiptHero service via the side menu in the app, the customer will be directed to create a ReceiptHero account and add their payment card. If the 02 Taksi customer already has an account and the ReceiptHero app installed, they’ll authenticate the two accounts.

Once activated, the customer will receive all future taxi receipts within ReceiptHero. For those customers using eTasku or other integrated expense partners, the receipts will be sent to the respective platforms.

‘‘It’s been obvious to us for a while that taxi receipts are a bit of a pain in the ass for business customers, so we are thrilled to be working with 02 Taksi on this new integration. 02 Taksi has been aggressively growing the number of taxi companies they operate with but also growing the app user base so we look forward to servicing their customers’’. Tommi Keränen, Head of B2B

02 Taksi customers can enjoy service everywhere in Finland. For more information, visit 02 Taksi website.