Kotipizza, Finland’s and Nordic’s largest pizza chain and one of the best-known restaurant brands in Finland has partnered with ReceiptHero

With over 200 locations across the country already live, Kotipizza is the perfect partner to help ReceiptHero increase merchant coverage and make digital receipts available to everyone, everywhere.

‘’Everyone in Finland knows of Kotipizza so it’s great to have them onboard. They really value customer experience and to now offer a digital alternative to the paper receipt is something their customers surely will value’’. Markus Kyllönen, Director of Sales

Receiving digital receipts in the ReceiptHero application is free of charge for consumers. With the new functionality, customers can also receive their receipts through the apps of our partners, such as Eurocard, M2, eTasku and Bezala. We will shortly announce more partners whose applications will be able to receive digital receipts.

Kotipizza is one of the first major merchants to take advantage of new ReceiptHero functionality, matching digital receipts from Apple and Google Pay transactions. Prior to this, customers would only receive receipts from physical payment cards, which would be a subset of customers transacting. Once a card is added into the ReceiptHero, all wearable and wallets connected to that card can be used in the matching of digital receipts. This allows merchants to now provide a holistic receipt solution for all Mastercard and Visa transactions.

‘’We pride ourselves on being first movers when it comes to new innovations we can use to enhance the in-store experience, ReceiptHero is one of those and we’re really excited about working together on this initiative.’Janne Reimari, Chief Business Development Officer at Kotipizza Group

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