We’ve teamed up with Bezala to further smoothen out their expense claim software with our digital receipts. The partnership is now live and Bezala customers can now receive their digital receipts in the Bezala platform.

bezala digital receipts

“Both Bezala and ReceiptHero have a shared interest in removing unnecessary friction in an increasingly digital world. For us, that’s with expense management. We’re excited to get to work with this new partnership as it will allow us to automate even more of the Bezala experience so our customers can focus on what’s important: growing their business.” Fredrik Teir, CEO at Bezala.

Once a Bezala customer activates the service and adds their business cards, ReceiptHero will send real-time, itemised digital receipts directly to the platform when a cardholder shops in-store at an activated merchant. This process is automatic and means that Bezala users won’t need to photograph a paper receipt — it’s a frictionless solution that makes reconciling accounts a breeze.

“Bezala has been fighting manual accounting processes since 2015 and when we first talked about collaborating it felt like a no-brainer. We’re pleased to kick off the partnership and looking forward to Bezala customers receiving digital receipts from us.” Tommi Keränen, Head of B2B at ReceiptHero.

About Bezala:

Bezala is an expense claim application used by thousands of companies across Finland and other countries. Their automations enable adding expense claim easily so that that the accountans receive required material on time and the employees are reimbursed without undue delays. Now when making purchases in Receipthero partner stores Bezala users don’t even have to open the app to upload the receipts – the automation takes care of the process completely.