From today, all R-kioski customers will have the opportunity to receive a digital receipt for purchases made with a payment card. The digital receipt which consists of data acts as an alternative to a paper receipt and makes it easier for customers to track their own purchases. It will continue to be possible to obtain a paper receipt from R-kioski in the normal way.

“Implementing modern solutions and acting responsibly is part of R-kioski’s day-to-day operations, and the launch of the digital receipt service with ReceiptHero is a natural next step for us,” says Maria Sjöroos, R-kiosk’s IT & HR Director. “About 80 million customers visit the R-kioski every year. This naturally generates a large number of receipts when customers buy take-away food, R-kioski’s numerous different services and everything in between.”

R-kiosk’s digital receipt has been implemented in cooperation with the Finnish ReceiptHero service. ReceiptHero’s digital receipts are already available in more than 1,200 shops, restaurants and taxis all over Finland. The customer only needs to register their payment card with the service after which digital receipts can be received directly, for example, in the bank’s mobile application, e-mail or Facebook Messenger application. Digital receipts can also be viewed from your own account on the ReceiptHero service. After the purchase, corporate customers will automatically receive the eReceipts in the accounting software and there will be no need to describe or send the receipt to the accountant separately.

“We are really excited to have the R-kioski part of the ReceiptHero platform. R-kioski’s can be found practically in every Finnish town or city and everyone knows “Ärrä”. From now on there will be shops supporting digital receipts close to every one of us. R-kioski has been really open minded towards digital receipts and we are really grateful for this, ”says Joel Ojala, CEO of ReceiptHero Oy.

The digital receipt is always under the control of the user and can only be delivered to applications that are approved by the user. The use of the digital receipts is completely secure and designed in accordance with the latest EU data protection regulation, the GDPR.

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R-kioski is a franchise driven convenience store chain, which offers its customers food and beverages, as well as wanted everyday goods and services – quickly and conveniently whenever and wherever the customer wants them. R-kioski´s personal service and good value-&-quality-for-money exceed customer expectations. R-kioski – quick and convenient. R-kioski is a part of Reitan Convenience and Reitan Group, and has a nationwide coverage with approx. 480 stores and a brand recognition of 98%.

Reitan Convenience comprises R-kioski in Finland, Narvesen in Norway, Latvia and Lithuania, Pressbyrån in Sweden, 7-Eleven and Shell/7-Eleven in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, R-kiosk in Estonia, Lietuvos Spauda in Lithuania, Caffeine Roasters -chain in the Baltics and Northland in Norway. Reitan Convenience is the Market Leader in all seven countries. Reitan Convenience had a turnover of EUR 1,5 billion in 2019 and the number of stores was approx. 2 100. Reitan Group’s turnover in 2019 was EUR 9,2 billion with 38 400 co-workers.