Following on from our initial announcement, we are happy to announce that ReceiptHero has strengthened its partnership with Visma Enterprise.

The deeper agreement allows corporate customers using Visma M2 for expense and travel invoices to also receive digital receipts from ReceiptHero activated locations.

Digital receipt already enables near automatic bookkeeping. Using digital receipts companies save 5 to 7 euros per receipt in handling costs making it very attractive to businesses in all shapes and sizes.

Unlike other solutions, ReceiptHero does not require photos, QR codes or any use of OCR (optical character recognition) technology to generate and deliver its digital receipts. M2 users will not need to photograph a paper receipt or upload an email.

As part of the government’s goal to go fully ‘digital receipt’ compliant by 2025, ReceiptHero, Nordea and Visma have been supporting the State Treasury on onboarding roughly 50,000 employee corporate cards to be used in ReceiptHero enabled merchant locations.

‘We’re excited to have built a stronger relationship with Visma and have now integrated into the M2 product. We know this will be a gamechanger for companies streamlining their expense management and will save thousands of hours a year’ Joel Ojala, CEO – ReceiptHero

‘Since working together on the State Treasury pilot, we’ve seen ReceiptHero grow their offering to expense management platforms but also seen more merchants join the platform, which has created a lot more value for our customers. We are looking forward to making digital receipts the new normal’. Jani Vertanen, Product Manager at Visma

For companies using Nordea First Card, you can soon activate digital receipts to your expense cards. When an employee purchases something from an activated merchant location, the digital receipt will be sent in the M2 platform in real-time. For more information on how to activate your company cards, contact Essi Korhonen ( 044 537 7428)

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ReceiptHero is here to rewrite the rules of the data economy and support the shift to more sustainable and mindful consumption. It takes a new kind of heroism from both – the consumers and businesses. Above all it requires bold solutions and a powerful technology platform. We provide a safe space for consumers, merchants and banks to turn traditional transactions into meaningful interactions. Will you join us as we rethink the receipt?