Finnish SKJ Systems Ltd that is known for it’s popular Jeemly & Flowy POS products has partnered with ReceiptHero. The partnership enables SKJ’s merchants to deliver eReceipts for consumers.

SKJ has an over 25 year experience in developing POS solutions for a wide customer base and know the needs of small business owners – to the demands of large merchant chains with hundreds of stores.

We know that businesses from all industries are hungry for sustainable solutions across the board. We are proud to together enable eReceipts for the thousands of merchants and consumers with this partnership.

Zero fees for merchants

For merchants the activation is as easy (and sustainable) as a walk in the park. No changes in the day-to-day payment operations, no downtime and free of charge.

One-tap activation enables consumers and b2b clients to automatically direct eReceipts to where they belong, whether it is in the Nordea Wallet App, accounting software or simply easy-access folder in your email.

“We always encourage our customers to follow their passion and focus on what they do best with the promise that we will handle the rest. With enabling ReceiptHero for our customers we see a direct value add for our entire customer base. From delivering a smooth experience for the end consumer, to supercharging merchants future sales and sustainability efforts.” Sami Huttunen, CDO @SKJ.

“We are beyond excited to have an established and well-known partner as SKJ to join us in building the eReceipt ecosystem” Joel Ojala, CEO @ReceiptHero.