QR Code Receipts: Digitalising All Receipts

It’s Time to Ditch the Paper and Go Fully Digital!

Provide a paperless solution for your outlets and stores to stop the need to print physical receipts. No-app required, receipts can be sent as a web link via QR code to the customer.

This solution can be deployed with static QR code or dynamic depending on the cash register used. The customer can signup for future receipts to be ‘archived’ within the RH app or partner apps.

Merchants do not need to buy additional hardware to enable the service. A cost effective and software driven solution.

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‘’We pride ourselves on being first movers when it comes to new innovations we can use to enhance the in-store experience, ReceiptHero is one of those and we’re really excited about working together on this initiative."

Janne Reimari, Chief Business Development Officer at Kotipizza Group

Benefits to Merchants

Utilising our QR code receipt solution allows customers to get their first digital receipt without having to be registered to existing service. It also allows merchants with none integrated payment terminals to also provide digital receipt to customers.

The service can be quickly rolled out and is legally compliant. Merchants can quickly go live with little to no training required.

QR code receipts are great for small retailers, right up to high transaction volume outlets.

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How do they look?

Offer your merchants a way to provide full digital receipts and other add-ons to enrich the customers experience in-store.

Additional add-ons:

  • Digital stamp cards

  • CO2 emission breakdown

  • Verified product reviews

  • CDP / Loyalty integrations

Cost Savings?

We did a calculation with a large F&B brand where we broke down the savings to the business if they were to turn on digital receipts.


  • 1 receipt roll = 9m in length

  • Price per roll = 0,37€

  • 1 receipt = 20cm on average

  • Total roll = 45 receipts

    1 receipt = 0,0081€

Some of our innovative partners already supporting merchants with digital receipts functionality

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