Reboot your loyalty

Want to get digital receipts and loyalty management in one place, with clear consumer-led data privacy? With ReceiptHero there is no more need for paper receipts, nor countless loyalty cards and apps all over the place.

Manage your own consumerism

Consumers today are generally unhappy how loyalty programs are built - 55 percent of millennials say they belong to too many loyalty programs. Receipts are scattered all over and often lost. Often loyalty programs can be painful to use, and rewards and benefits are not serving you as a customer.

By using ReceiptHero at supported locations, you can access

  • Digital receipts and archive

  • Holistic data on your consumption

  • Loyalty management and benefits

A receipt is more than just a piece of paper. It’s data about you as an individual and how you consume products and services. It’s your private property that only you should control. ReceiptHero is built in a way that consumers don’t need to share any additional personal information to merchants in order to receive digital receipts or rewards.

”Why is it that after making a contactless payment, we still have to wait for a physical receipt to be printed? I signed up to ReceiptHero because I like having my receipts digitally and in one place. More and more stores are now joining in thanks to ReceiptHero.”

Ville, 31, Everyday hero

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