the receipt

Imagine a receipt that adds value to your purchases and privacy. A receipt that helps businesses to master their customer experience and loyalty. That’s ReceiptHero. A truly digital and safe home for managing your purchase data and a next level platform for businesses to engage with their customers.

Be the hero of your purchase data and unlock the potential of truly digital receipts

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Pay with your payment card and receive digital receipts automatically and in real-time.

Receive benefits without worrying about your privacy.

Receiving receipts digitally is easy:



Realize the value of your purchases

Rethink your receipts: are they pieces of paper or a way to control the data that you own? We believe your receipts should never end up in your wallet, coat pocket, backpack, or the trash.Download ReceiptHero and manage your purchase data safely and effortlessly.

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Realign with your customers

We help you to rethink the customer experience. It’s time to turn receipts into meaningful conversations with your customers. With digital receipts your customers can give feedback, return goods and claim warranties. Intelligent data reveals patterns and behavior that help you finesse the right messages to the right people.

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Technology partners

Renew the experience

ReceiptHero is an essential part of your future Point of Sale and ERP ecosystem. Deliver new and future-proof features to your customers. ReceiptHero is the key to making your product stick in a fast-moving digital shopping environment.

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About us

Reboot to sustainable consumerism

ReceiptHero is here to rewrite the rules of the data economy and support the shift to more sustainable and mindful consumption. It takes a new kind of heroism from both – the consumers and businesses. Above all it requires bold solutions and a powerful technology platform. We provide a safe space for consumers, merchants and banks to turn traditional transactions into meaningful interactions. Will you join us as we rethink the receipt?

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